Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Pysical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Plant Based Foods

The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Benefits of Raw Living Foods

As we incorporate more living foods into our daily diet, we will discover that the choice it is a lifestyle and not eating plan. It brings us a myriad of benefits and these benefits include:

Optimal Daily Health - A feeling of peace, tranquility, and harmony when are bodies are balanced  in a state of optimal nutrition. 
It's easier to get going  in the morning, with more energy throughout the day and mental clarity for better performance at home and work

Beneficial health effect for those  who have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Plant based foods is completely cholesterol free, it is a heart - healthy diet

Ecological friendliness and freedom from cruelty. Any form of vegetarianism reduces the pollution and cruelty connected to animals raised for meat, fur or leather.
A diet of vegetables and fruit, especially organic grown varieties, means less water consumption, carbon footprints, air pollution, and toxic chemical runoff into waterways.

Weight loss, when we stop eating high fat animal products, we lose weight

Long Term Health, eating a plant based diet is preventive medicine at is best.
A balanced Plant Based Diet can alt off disease in the body, reducing cancer, heart disease, diabetes diabetes, poor vision, and arthritis.

Beauty. healthy hair, skin, and fingernails, optimal weight management. Sound immune function lead to all aspects of beauty, inside and out.